Chuxu Zhang/张初旭
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University
Email: cz201 [at] rutgers [dot] edu,  chuxuzhang [at] gmail [dot] com
Address: Hill 202, Rutgers Bucsh Campus, NJ 08854


I am currently a graduate student at Computer Science Department, Rutgers University. Before that, I received my B.E. degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. I am interested in data mining and applied machine learning, with applications to information/social networks and recommender systems. Please find more information in [resume].


  • User Collaborative Network Embedding for Social Recommender Systems
       C. Zhang, et al.
  • BDW-PSRS: Regularizing Recommender System Learning via Word2Vec Embedded Pseudo-Social Networks.
       C. Zhang, Y. Wang et al.
  • Identifying the Academic Rising Stars.
       C. Zhang, C. Liu et al.
  • Conference & Workshop
  • AdaWIRL: A Novel Bayesian Ranking Approach for Personal Big-Hit Paper Prediction.
       C. Zhang, L. Yu, J. LU, T. Zhou and Z.K. Zhang.
       The 17th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM2016)
  • RankMBPR: Rank-aware Mutual Bayesian Personalized Ranking for Item Recommendation.
       L. Yu, G. Zhou, C. Zhang, J. Huang, C. Liu and Z.K. Zhang.
       The 17th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM2016)
       Best Student Paper Award.
  • Minimizing Dissemination in a Population While Maintaining its Community Structure.
       C. Zhang and T. Eliassi-Rad.
       The 2015 SIGKDD Workshop on Population Informatics for Big Data (PopInfo2015).
  • Journal
  • Emergence of Blind Areas in Information Spreading.
       Z.K. Zhang§, C.X. Zhang§, X. Han and C. Liu. (§Equally Contributed)
       PLoS ONE, 9(4): e95785, 2014. (IF2014=3.23)
  • Information Filtering via Collaborative User Clustering Modeling.
       C.X. Zhang, Z.K. Zhang, L. Yu, C. Liu, H. Liu and X. Yan.
       Physica A, 396:195-203, 2014.
  • An Evolving Model of Online Bipartite Networks.
       C.X. Zhang, Z.K. Zhang and C. Liu.
       Physica A, 392(23):6100-6106, 2013.